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British Care Services we take the time out to understand personal wishes and preferences of our clients. We’re always aiming to assess improve our services

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Paying Us

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Costing and Payment couldn't be easier

British Care Services is a stand out home care agencies. We offer simple, clear and transparent payment tariffs.

We have a single hourly rate during for day or night time care, Monday to Sunday. On bank holidays, the rate is double, this is due to higher staff costs for such holidays. All of our clients are given a breakdown of our fee rates and we will take the time to explain the terms and conditions of your contract with British Care Services.

The cost of your care will be evaluated on your individual needs, the services are then booked in advance, which makes budgeting easier, and planning less stressful.

British Care Services maintain a high level of professionalism, short cuts cannot be taken and things cannot be rushed, which is why we have a minimum attendance time of 45 minutes for each visit.

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